September 22, 2017

Why A Paid Sports Investing Package Is Right for You?

Regardless of what is said below, the first part of your analysis should always include the following:

  • How much can you comfortably afford? This is #1 in that you never want to put yourself in a difficult position financially. Sports Investing is a hobby and potentially a money making proposition, but there are risks inherent and no guarantees of success. 
  • How much is your normal bet size? Don’t just pay for valuable information if your bet size gives you a minimal chance of turning a profit. For example, I’ve seen some sites charge $150/month or higher. If they give you 100 picks a month priced at -110 and win 60%, then you’ll win 60 full units/month, but lose 44 units (40 x 1.1), for a net of 16 units. If you bet to win less than $10/unit, this is a losing proposition. If they win less than 60% of their picks or provide fewer than 100 picks, it may also not be profitable. 
  • How many bets do you place a month? Even if the math above works and you don’t have the time to place enough bets to cover your cost, it doesn’t make sense. Don’t just think about all your wins, do the math!!

At Zumaya Sports we have just launched our Premium VIP subscription after giving out over 7000 FREE picks since April 2016.

We’re high volume providers, so the number of monthly picks won’t be a problem. Our win rate has consistently been in the 55-60% range depending on the sport.  And we tried to price the packages so even a $5 bettor can easily turn a profit.

Winning is great but it’s all about making sports investing profitable.

So here’s some insight into our package:

Premium VIP Package

Cost $50 USD monthly which includes all the Basic picks plus game Spreads/Moneylines, Parlays/Teasers, Multi-Unit picks and Futures. Let’s do the same math for the last 12 months:

2017 MLB – up 193 units

2016/2017 NFL – up 162 units

2016/2017 NBA – up 57 units

So a $5 bettor would be up 412 units or $2060 less $600 for the subscription cost or a net profit of $1460.

Sign up today and enjoy the first 14 days FREE.

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